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Ivan Kurochkin: Breaking down Sweden's tax increase proposal

Sweden proposed a gambling tax increase. Sweden’s government (Regeringen) has announced proposals to increase the gambling tax rate in the country from 18% to 22% of gross gaming revenue (GGR).

The Swedish gambling market received new regulations in 2019. Today, the Swedish government is satisfied with the results of legalization and considers the channelization to be high, and the market is mature enough to talk about increasing taxes.

Ivan Kurochkin, Partner and Head of Eastern Europe Desk at 4H Agency, comments on the situation:

"At 4H Agency, we often deal with regulatory changes in various countries. Unfortunately, in many cases, such changes often have a negative impact on operators, ultimately failing to yield the expected results for the government."

The primary goal of anyregulation is to ensure that the entire gambling market operates within the bounds of the law. This is a challenging objective, particularly when it comes to the online segment.

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