Within our company, we have 3 regional Desks, each designed to intensify our focus on specific geographic regions, enhancing our ability to address your unique challenges and opportunities with greater expertise and precision.
CIS Desk, headed by

Our dedicated Desks and their leaders include:

Eastern Europe Desk, headed by
Latin America Desk, headed by
Explore detailed market overviews from thе regions our Desks cover, providing general information about the country and delving into gambling-related aspects (market size, regulated verticals, types of licenses, taxes and fees paid under gambling laws and how they are calculated, license costs and terms, key advertising restrictions, local market specifics, etc.). Stay informed and strategically position your expansion plans.
    Stay tuned for the latest industry updates from CIS, Eastern Europe and Latin America countries as well as brilliant articles and analytics from our desks team on other regions. Whether it's regulatory shifts, market trends, or emerging opportunities, our professional team is committed to providing you with breaking news and insightful commentaries on it. Stay ahead of the curve with our regional commentaries.
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