4H Agency is a specialist business-expansion advisory boutique. Our clients come from start-ups to the biggest names in the gambling industry and we help them identify and execute best expansion strategies

We help our clients to expand by:


• Regulatory
• Licencing projects
• (Unregulated) market analysis
• Competitor analysis



Payments solutions (Local and international PSPs and direct acquirers
• Bank accounts solutions (EMIs and traditional banks)
• Payments strategy
• Financial compliance
· International public affairs
· High-profile industry analytics
· Government relations / lobbying
· Legislative work
· Geopolitical consultancy
• M & A consultancy
• Product testing and localisation
4H Agency was founded in 2020 and its core team are lawyers which enables 4H Agency to render additional services including corporate governance, assisting in obtaining legal opinions across the globe, PSPs x PSPs deals, financial licencing and sub-licencing.
If you have any questions, inquires, desires or anything else you want to discuss with us — please feel free to contact 4H Partner Ivan Kurochkin who is always happy to provide a swift reply via Telegram!