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Turnkey Deal Management Solution:
We offer end-to-end deal management services, covering everything from strategic planning and target identification to executing successful mergers or exits. We provide the necessary connections, in-depth insights, and ongoing support to ensure the deal is successfully completed.
Our service is the ideal choice in these scenarios:
  • Exploring New Markets: If you're expanding and need to enter fresh markets strategically;
  • Crafting Your Exit Strategy: When it's time to sell your business at a fair price;
  • Investing for Growth: When you're eager to acquire distressed yet promising assets to diversify your portfolio.
  • Client Briefing: We start by understanding the client's objectives, whether they are looking to buy or sell, and what they aim to achieve with the transaction;
  • Deal Origination: Utilizing our extensive network and industry insights, we identify and originate deals that align with the client's strategy;
  • Brokerage: We act as brokers to facilitate conversations between potential buyers and sellers, ensuring a smooth initial engagement;
  • Investment Banker Engagement: For deals that require financial structuring or additional capital, we engage investment bankers specialized in the gambling industry;
  • Preliminary Due Diligence: Before proceeding further, we conduct a preliminary due diligence to ensure the deal is viable and beneficial for our client;
  • Valuation and Price Estimation: We provide an initial valuation and price estimation to set the stage for negotiations.
​​Our focus is on creating valuable connections and deals for both parties through these steps:
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