Gambling M&A Support

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When supporting clients in the M&A within the gambling industry, we offer various services:
  • Negotiation advice: Preparing negotiation issues, assessing market practices, advising on tactics, and assisting in offline and online negotiations;
  • Business and legal structuring advice: Developing comprehensive plans for joint ventures, corporate governance, and legal structures;
  • Transaction document review: Examining term sheets, joint venture agreements, investment contracts, and more;
  • Engaging local experts: Collaborating with local advisors in technical, financial, payment, and legal aspects.
  • Pre-launch business advice: Creating market reports, SWOT analyses, competition assessments, and deal value estimations;
  • C-level and board candidates search: Utilizing professional staffing agencies and finding board members;
  • Local and global partnerships: Identifying payment solution providers, marketing agencies, and other necessary partners;
  • PR and GR activities: Assisting with public perception, government communication, and lobbying efforts;
  • Post-deal support: Providing services for smooth business operations, including performance tracking and contractor search.
This product is especially valuable for business owners without prior M&A experience. In today's M&A landscape, even mid-sized deals involve intricate elements like English law, LCIA, warranties, indemnities, and more.

Understanding these complexities is essential to protect your interests in M&A.
In our M&A support, we leverage our extensive hard skills and experience in deals total sum of which is exceeding $2.5 billion to efficiently and securely structure the work for our clients.

We combine best M&A practices with a deep understanding of the gambling industry during negotiations. Additionally, our regulatory expertise ensures that the deal is not only well-structured and negotiated but also impeccable from a regulatory perspective, providing a broader regulatory context for our clients.
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