Pre-M&A Due Diligence and Implementation

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We are offering following support:
  • Identifying core client assets: Analyze business status and problems related to legal formalization;
  • Analyzing existing legal documents: Review employment agreements, intellectual property documents, and shareholder agreements;
  • Business and legal structuring advice: Prepare plans for business, management, and legal structure.

For this task, we collaborate with local experts, including technical, financial, payment, and legal advisors. We also manage an international team, providing detailed instructions to local service providers and overseeing their work.

It's no secret that recently established startups often overlook 'unnecessary' and 'redundant' legal aspects such as corporate structure, IP asset documentation, employment agreements, and other crucial components of the gambling industry. Typically, these legal concerns surface when startups are seeking either a sale of their business or additional investments.

With our assistance, your business will be well-prepared to welcome M&A projects with potential investors of any scale, ranging from small to major players in the gambling industry (including publicly listed companies).
  • We conduct interviews with the client to identify legal and operational weaknesses in their business;
  • After the interview, we create a list of areas lacking legal formalization, which is discussed and approved with the client;
  • We engage local lawyers to identify assets requiring legal protection based on various regulations;
  • Once the list is ready, we finalize it with the client and work with local lawyers to create a roadmap for consolidating and formalizing the client's assets;
  • We then manage a cross-border team of local service providers to implement these actions and formalize the client's assets.
We are doing this product in the following way:
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