Gambling Market Research. Entry-Level Market Research


1. Basic Information about the Country:
  • Population and population between 18-61
  • GDP / GDP per capita
  • Average salary
  • Corruption Perception Index
  • Smartphone penetration rate
  • Internet penetration rate
Entry-level Market Research includes:
2. Entry-Level Data about the Market:
  • Market size
  • Market size breakdown between verticals
  • Market growth
3. Gambling Taxation:
  • Gambling taxes
  • General corporate taxes (income tax, VAT, PIT, etc.)
4. Operations and Regulatory Aspects:
  • Regulated verticals and available licenses
  • License fee and term
  • Information about the industry regulator
  • Amount of issued licenses
  • Do you need to obtain an offline license to obtain an online license?
  • Bad actor clause?
5. Licensing Requirements:
  • Financial requirements
  • Certification requirements
  • IP requirements
  • Staff requirements
  • Localization requirements (servers, language, etc.)
  • Key advertising restrictions
  • Customer age limitations
  • Customer identification requirements
  • Responsible gambling
6. Enforcement Against Offshore/Unlicensed Gambling
7. Market specifics overview from 4H Agency experts
EUR 3,000:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chile, Croatia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Peru, Poland, Tajikistan, and more.
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EUR 5,000:
Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine, and more.
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