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Changes in regulation in Uzbekistan

A month ago, we shared in our LinkedIn that the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan had issued a decree "On additional measures for the comprehensive development of mass and professional football". This decree reignited the talks about the long-awaited sports betting legalization in the country.

Presidential decree provided with creation of working group, which is designate to assist government in creation of modern and effective regulatory framework for sports betting industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

According to our expectations, such working group during its journey will rely on leading international experience (including experience of European countries in regulation of sports betting).

It should be additionally noted that in public domain we do not observe any tangible movements (at least as of now), however we believe that work is conducted internally via authorities appointed by the respective Presidential decree and by other stakeholders.

All in all, such steps and actions undertaken by Uzbekistan government shows clear desire to introduce new regulation for the sports betting industry (despite certain backwards movements made in previous year).