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Australia launches national self-exclusion register BetStop

According to iGB, on August 21, the Australian government announced the launch of the country’s new national self-exclusion register, BetStop.

Ivan Kurochkin, Partner and one of the founders of 4H, has shared his insights on the topic:

"It's great to observe that Australia has taken a proactive step towards implementing responsible gambling tools by introducing a self-exclusion register. This register seems to be a significant development in promoting responsible gambling practices and protecting players from potential harm associated with excessive gambling.

The self-exclusion register appears to have several important features that contribute to its effectiveness:

1. Minimum Exclusion Period: The minimum exclusion period of 3 months allows individuals to take a break from gambling and potentially break harmful habits. This time frame gives players the opportunity to reflect on their gambling behavior and make more informed decisions.

2. Universal Application: The fact that this mechanism is applied across all operators licensed in Australia ensures a comprehensive approach to player protection. It prevents players from easily circumventing their self-exclusion by simply switching to a different operator.

3. Support Person: The option to appoint a support person is a valuable addition to the register. This shows a consideration for the fact that overcoming gambling struggles can be challenging, and having someone to lean on during difficult moments can be immensely helpful for individuals in need.

4. Limited Removal Period: The requirement for a 3-month period before a self-excluded player can remove themselves from the register demonstrates a commitment to encouraging responsible gambling behavior over the long term. This prevents impulsive decisions to re-engage with gambling immediately after initiating self-exclusion.

5. International practice: It's noteworthy that other countries with developed gambling regulations, such as inter alia Denmark, the UK, and the Netherlands, have implemented similar self-exclusion mechanisms. This suggests that these mechanisms are recognized internationally as effective tools for promoting responsible gambling and player protection.

Overall, the introduction of the self-exclusion register in Australia reflects a growing awareness and commitment to addressing the potential harms associated with gambling. By providing individuals with the means to take a break, seek support, and engage in responsible gambling practices, this initiative is likely to contribute positively to the well-being of players and the overall gambling environment".