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Svenska Spel funds new research projects on Swedish problem gambling

According to SBC, Svenska Spel has pledged to fund five new research projects aimed at enhancing the understanding of Swedish gambling addiction and its societal impacts.

Ivan Kurochkin, Partner and one of the founders of 4H, comments on the situation:

"Svenska Spel's move to fund research on gambling addiction marks a continuous shift in industry thinking. Gone are the days when such studies were seen as threats; now they're opportunities for growth and improvement.

Private operators and B2B suppliers should also consider the long-term benefits of sponsoring independent research and engaging into promotion of responsible gambling practices under their brand name. Branded reports and ebooks (e.g. the ones published by Playtech) are particularly helpfull for informing about the subject and strenthening the brand awareness overall).

Supporting independent research and implementing the responsible gambling ideas isn't just ethical—it's a strategy for sustainable revenue gains in the medium to long term. Some of the biggest names is the industry (e.g. Entain and Playtech) have provent recently that this strategy is a winning one".