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Changes in Georgian regulations

Last week the Parliament of Georgia discussed in the first reading the Draft law on amendments to the Law on Lotteries, Gambling, and Prize-Winning Games (the “Draft Law”) and the secondary legislation related to the amendments encompassed by the Draft Law. Please see below key amendments proposed by the Draft Law.

Online Gambling Permits

One of the most important amendment introduced is the new permits for online operators. According to current legislation, separate online permits are not introduced, and operators can perform online activities on the basis of having land-based permits. Under the Draft Law, the type of newly introduced online permits are the following: permit on the organization of online casino, online sports betting, and online slots. The distinction between online casino and online slots licenses is based on the fact that online licenses holders will have to hold corresponding land-based licenses.

According to the Draft Law, online permits can be issued only to the operators who already hold relevant permits for land-based verticals. The terms of the online permits will also depend on land-based permits. Based on the provisions of the Draft Law we believe that operators who are willing to organize online gambling activities in Georgia, will be required to obtain both land-based and online permits.

Operators that already organize and conduct online gambling activities must comply with the amendments introduced in the Draft Law by April 1 of 2023.

Other amendments

The Draft Law also prohibits gambling operations on all kind of sea vessels in the internal and territorial waters of Georgia. 

Current status and further steps

Last week Parliament only discussed this Draft Bill in the first reading and there are still a lot of steps for this Draft Law to become the law.

We will keep you updated on the course of discussion of the Draft Law.