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We are reaching out to share some great news with you!

We have recently expanded our Agency into three dedicated divisions: Eastern Europe Desk, CIS Desk, and Latin America Desk. These desks serve as your go-to contacts, pooling our knowledge, connections, and efforts specific to each region.

Introducing our Entry-Level Market Research — a cost-effective solution to gain crucial insights into your target market. This research lays a solid foundation, identifying key areas for further exploration.

Entry-Level Market Research includes the following sections and information therein:

  • Basic information about the country — population and GDP numbers, average salary, smartphone and internet penetration rates;
  • Basic quantitative data about the market — market size and market growth;
  • Gambling taxation — including both gambling taxes and general corporate ones;
  • Licensing requirements — financial, staff, localization and certification requirements, advertising restrictions;
  • Operations and regulatory aspects — regulated verticals, available licenses, license fees, bad actor clause;
  • Enforcement against offshore and unlicensed gambling;
  • Expert insights on the market from 4H Agency.

Available for select markets at fixed prices:
EUR 3,000:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chile, Croatia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Peru, Poland, Tajikistan and more.
EUR 5,000:
Denmark, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Ukraine and more.
*Don't see your jurisdiction? Let us know — we are flexible!
Receive your comprehensive Entry-Level Market Research within 3 business days, empowering you for future endeavors in your chosen market.
Ready to dive in? Let us know your market of interest, and let's get started!
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