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4H payment processing solutions: how to expand your payment processing reach

Payment processing is unquestionably the bread and butter of the gambling industry and the key driver for business growth. We know how hard it can be to find the right solution for every target market, this is where 4H can help.

We assembled one of the most encompassing portfolios of solutions on the market that can meet the various needs of our clients around the globe.


We can offer a variety of solutions for operators amongst almost all payment processing options:
  • Payment service providers (PSPs) & Payment Gateways
  • Electronic wallets providers
  • Direct acquirers
  • Voucher solution providers
To provide you with a deeper first glance peek of the 4H portfolio, we have scribbled down a few highlights of our offering:
  • An acquiring option that includes Apple Pay in EEA / EU, high acceptance rates and low fees
  • A PSP option with a 90% processing success rate with more than 20 countries above the 90% mark
  • An acquiring solution for UK payments that significantly brings back down transaction fees that have been inflated post-Brexit
  • Local Latin America PSPs that process most of the domestic payment methods including cash


We are certain that you would like to see a more extensive list of the countries that are covered by our portfolio – here it is:
  • European Economic Area and the United Kingdom
  • Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • Post-Soviet Territories: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
  • North America: Canada, Mexico
  • Asia and Oceania: Australia, India, New Zeland
  • Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda

The list above is not exhaustive so feel free to contact us if you did not find your target market. Finally, please note that different offers and jurisdictions require different regulatory and corporate structure from their merchants, but do not worry – 4H can guide you to the offer that would be a perfect fit for you or make you a perfect fit for the particular offer.

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