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What next for the Bet Builder?

Yesterday, our Partner and Head of Eastern Europe Desk, Ivan Kurochkin, took the virtual stage as a moderator at SBC Digital Innovation Day. It was an honour to lead the panel discussion on "What next for the Bet Builder?" alongside such esteemed experts as Luke Saunders from SportCast, Aidan Barry from FEG, and Andre Zammit from Tipico - North America.

Bet Builders have revolutionised the sports betting landscape, captivating audiences and enhancing the thrill of Saturday afternoon entertainment. As suppliers continuously enhance Bet Builder products with new functionalities and options, the discussion revolved around whether these advancements truly benefit players or simply add complexity to what should be a straightforward product.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to SBC for organising this insightful event and to the session sponsor, OpenBet, for their invaluable support.