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CASE: Multijurisdictional market research

Navigating New Territories

In the ever-evolving world of business, expansion is often the key to success. Our new case takes you on a journey with a client who sought to shift their operations from Curaçao to regulated markets in the EU and Southeast Asia.

What’s the challenge? Researching and evaluating five potential target markets to make an informed expansion decision based on the client's needs and commercial perspectives.

Join us to unveil the strategies and insights that guided our client's path towards seizing new opportunities in these dynamic regions.


The Client was considering to start moving its operations into regulated space from Curacao to regulated markets in the EU and SEA. The Client wanted to research five potential target markets to make an educated decision on expansion, based on the internal assessment of commercial perspectives.


4H Agency was tasked with conducting a multijurisdictional market research, based on our in-house research questionnaire and certain Client’s limitations that needed to be addressed.


Given the Client’s limitations, 4H Agency prepared a concise research framework that allowed for establishing key limiting facts in the early stages of the research in order to exclude markets that are not in line with Client’s requirements in order to save the time and reduce costs.


The Client received a report comparing key metrics, regulations, licensing costs and other data about five markets and decided to amend its expansion roadmap in line with 4H findings.

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