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CASE: Establishing an on-going stream of hard-to-get local intelligence

We have aided prominent global gambling groups in navigating their entrance into Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet region, furnishing indispensable local market knowledge amid marketing buzz.

The hurdle? Acquiring real-time intelligence vital for tailoring their expansion strategies.

Our solution? Time to explore the full story!


The Clients, being global gambling groups, were considering expanding to Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet region and needed an on-going stream of current intelligence on the markets in the region as well as an access to the key local stakeholders.


4H Agency was retained as a sole point of contact for these Clients with regard to gathering and presenting intelligence, analytics and on-the-ground information about the region.


Our team used its extensive network and worked with consulting firms and government agencies in target markets to keep the Clients updated on recent developments as well as handle clients’ inquires and matters that required direct involvement of 4H Agency team.


Our experts were integrated in the relevant regional teams of the Clients and we are continuing this work up to this day.

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