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From early stages to listed global powerhouses.

  • For operators that are exploring possibilities to expand into a new region or market

4H Agency can provide all the necessary data and tools to make informed decisions and devise an appropriate market-entry strategy, construed on a cost-based approach and up-to-date overview of the regulatory landscape.

  • For those who have chosen to expand into a regulated market

We can assemble a tailored multidisciplinary team and lead you through the entire licensing process. If you are not interested in another license, then we can identify the right local partner for you and orchestrate a joint venture or acquisition deal.

  • If operators are targeting unregulated markets

4H Agency can both suggest payment solutions and produce an impact assessment of the possible regulatory hurdles that may affect your presence in these markets and your international operations in regulated markets.

  • Those who are seeking to reduce transaction costs or diversify their banking & payments suppliers in their target markets

Will benefit from making an informed decision based on the data we produce by continuously comparing the offering of leading providers in different markets which enables us to source suitable solutions for a corporate bank account, payment processing or acquiring, electronic wallets or vouchers.

In addition, we can guide you through the corporate structuring and internal processes that you can undertake in order to unlock more solutions.