A Brief History of Florida’s Legal Betting and Ireland to Heavily Restrict Bookmaker Advertising.


Republic of Ireland

Paddy Power has (by mutual agreement) ended their partnership with the Irish broadcaster RTÉ. There will be no more of the bookmaker’s ads during the live broadcast of football games. There is a reason for such a decision. Starting from January 1st, a new voluntary code of conduct will be applied in the country. All members of the Irish Bookmakers Association (IBA) intend to follow it. One of the main features imposes a whistle-to-whistle ban on betting advertisements.

Paddy Power once already decided not to broadcast their ads on whistle-to-whistle basis during EURO 2020. The bookmaker will no longer serve as a partner for RTÉ coverage of the 2021/2022 international men’s football matches.

However the Republic of Ireland national team has already failed to qualify to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Thus the partnership had little meaningful sense anyway.

Ivan Kurochkin’s comments

Paddy Power’s decision to end their partnership with the Irish broadcaster RTÉ may have come directly as a result of the upcoming review of the gambling regulations in the country, which are long time overdue, but for Paddy Power, this isn’t the first time that they have walked away from the lucrative opportunities to have their brand name featured during the broadcast of the games — either on TV or on the teams’ shirts.

In 2019 in England, Paddy Power launched their “Save Our Shirt” campaign to raise awareness over sponsorships on football shirts. For the 2019/20 season, half of all teams in England’s top two divisions were sponsored by bookmakers. PaddyPower paid money to sponsor the club shirts and then requested that instead of their logo the shirt was left blank! Since then, more clubs have chosen to turn away from placing a sports betting brand on their football shirts and prefer highlighting brands from other industries.

When it comes to the Republic of Ireland, whose football league is much less popular than the English one, the motivation behind refusing to sponsor TV broadcasts or have the brand’s logo on the football shirt, may be simply to optimize the marketing expenses and Paddy Power being the frontrunner of such initiatives, actually earns the company way more PR points than the traditional marketing endeavours like sponsoring the broadcasts or football shirts.

With the Irish gambling regulations overhaul underway, it looks like Paddy Power may have chosen to be proactive and be among the first and the most compliant betting operator in the country after the new regulations come into force.


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