The country is about to liberalise the gambling legislation. The National Assembly has approved amendments to the country’s Gaming Act on their second reading. A final vote on the changes will be held in March. The amendments will remove most obstacles for operators and it will also allow five lottery operators rather than the current two.

The changes abolish the requirement for companies wishing to obtain a concession for classic games of chance and special games of chance in casinos have to be organised as joint-stock companies. It will no longer be required that the applicant for a concession for special games of chance be based in Slovenia either. A land-based presence will still be required for classic games of chance. The Slovenian Finance and Taxation system classifies lotteries and betting as classic games and casino games as special ones.

If the bill passes, it will establish a legal framework that will enable concessions to be granted on the basis of public tender. The proposed changes will potentially open the door of the Slovenian gambling market to international operators and will ensure compliance with EU legislation.

Ivan Kurochkin´s comments

Slovenia keeps moving forward on the path to overhauling their gambling regulations. The country started to walk this path at the beginning of September 2021 by submitting a bill to the Parliament, which provides for a revision of the current regulations of the gambling business in the country.

You may say “Ivan, it’s great that Slovenia is updating the rules to regulate the gambling business in the country, but what was the situation prior to that?”

And I will tell you that Slovenia has a regulated, but rather limited, gambling market. Lottery and sports betting (online and land-based) are under a State monopoly. The ability to operate an online casino is provided only to those who already operate land-based casinos in the country.

  • Among the key changes proposed by the new bill are the following:
  • Expansion of the number of licenses for betting and lotteries from two to five;
  • Reduction of the period of validity of the license for betting and lottery from ten to a maximum of five years;
  • Expansion of the list of types of events to bet on (in addition to sports);
  • Cancellation of the requirement to register a local company to open an online casino.

From the above list of proposals, we can draw the conclusion that Slovenia is serious about opening up its market to foreign companies. The country's leadership places its main bet on betting and online casinos, which is in line with global trends, as well as the fact that Slovenia has chosen the path of liberalising gambling regulation in its country.

Traditionally, we want to see Slovenia succeeding on the way to reforming its gambling market. Another European country has been revamping its gambling regulations, and we at 4H Agency always welcome such initiatives!


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