Denmark to introduce bettors’ ID and Poland to decrease tax rate



The Danish political parties believe that bettors' ID cards should be introduced. They want to implement them for the local betting retail shops. The first step was made by the Ministry of Taxation. It is assumed that if the decision is taken to introduce them then the ID cards will be introduced on July 1, 2022.

Both the Tax Ministry and many Danish politicians consider the ID cards will help to protect the young people and gambling addicts better and also the AML will be more effective. The Danish Minister of Taxation Morten Bødskov, claims that with the playing card ID it will be possible to do away with the opportunity to play anonymously in, among other things, football matches. Lottery coupons and scratch cards will be exempt from the new measure.


Ivan Kurochkin’s comments

This practice is not unique. Recently mandatory player ID cards have been introduced in Ukraine. Businesses and many members of associations were complaining about this decision. The reasoning behind their frustration was mostly because the operators were not given any timeframe to adapt to new rules. Ukrainian regulations established strict standards for ID cards in terms of their protection, materials, etc. As a result, operators were not able to produce such cards in a timely manner since their production takes time.

Hopefully, the implementation of mandatory player ID cards in Denmark will be structured in a way that operators could adapt to the new rules gradually and, at the same time, the government could meet the goals that they set introducing the cards.

Moreover, mandatory ID cards are not the only way to strengthen anti-money laundering policy. Referring to the Ukrainian best practices, it is worth mentioning the Diia App that the Ministry of Digital Transformation has released. Currently, it is the only tool in Ukraine that combines a mobile application with access to citizens’ digital documents, and a single portal of public services for the population and business. The App allows identities to be verified easily by accessing the digital documents. Solutions like Diia App would be a great alternative for the online gambling market and could help the government in pursuing the anti-money laundering policy.


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